Why Choose Us


Pre-Construction Services

Planning, design and coordination are the essential groundwork for any construction project. TASKO(PIDAKOR) looks after all aspects of construction projects, including the essential preplanning.

TASKO(PIDAKOR)'s pre-construction planning ensures the best approach for each building project.

General Contracting 

Combining and coordinating several construction services is a large and multi-layers task. Completed projects require time and cost management, quality control, safety supervision, supply of materials and large scale labour coordination from several departments.

TASKO(PIDAKOR) Contracting get projects completed on time and within budget.

Construction Services

Building construction is concerned with large projects of unique design. These construction projects require extensive materials, labour and organization to be completed.

TASKO(PIDAKOR) coordinates the many building services needed to complete large scale construction projects.

About Us


TASKO(PIDAKOR) is construction companies with an eye on building the community.

We are about building construction, but also about building relations in the community and networking between businesses.

At TASKO(PIDAKOR) we have gather the best technology in all aspects of the construction industry and combined them in our company operation. This means we provide clients with a complete construction service, covering everything from design through labour to the completed project.

We understand that Building construction and property development projects are large scale endeavours. And we understand that construction time is a huge factor in the budget of any project. Delays and revisions are costly. At TASKO(PIDAKOR) our approach and experience ensure the most efficient path from building planning to project completion. [...]


We offer the best customer experience by one-stop service